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Different Types of Logo Designs: Explore For The Business

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Different Types Of Logo Designs


A logo is very important for any business as it identifies the business. A logo is an image that is unique to each business that describes the business. In this post, we will talk about the different types of logo designs that are used in most businesses. These designs are wordmark logo, lettermark logo, pictorial mark logo, abstract mark logo, combination mark logo, and emblem mark logo. Each design is different from others and every design has a common goal. We will also see their purposes in this post.

Types of Logo Designs

Word Mark Logos

A word mark logo is a logo design that only has the brand name written on it, without any images or other symbols. In these logos, the words of the brand identify it. These designs are often simple and clean which can be easily remembered.



The Coca-Cola logo is a simple and stylized letter with the words “Coca-Cola”. It is used in vibrant red, which perfectly complements the energetic and refreshing image of the brand.


Google’s wordmark is colorful and each letter is in its own color. This design shows that Google is a diverse and innovative company.

The special feature of wordmark logo design is that these logos are easily visible, and the brand name is easily remembered and recognized. This design shows your business in a clear and comprehensive way.

Letter Mark Logos or Monogram Logos

Letter mark logos or monograms are logo designs that use only the first or last letters of the brand name. In this type of logo, the letters are used in a particularly stylized and artistic manner.



IBM’s lettermark is “IBM”, with the letters I, B, and M rendered in a distinctive style. This design represents absolute simplicity and professionalism.


The HBO logo is also a lettermark, with particular emphasis on the letters “HBO” giving it a cohesive and modern look. This design signifies the fun side of the brand.

Brands use letter marks to create a compact and memorable brand name. These designs are renowned for their simplicity, reflecting the brand’s personality like a moonlit night.

Pictorial Mark Logos

Pictorial Mark logos are logo designs that represent a brand by adding just one image or a few words without any words. These designs are often visually stunning and popular.



The Apple logo is a picture of an apple. The design features the apple shape in a simple and recognizable way, symbolizing the brand’s innovation and creativity.


Twitter’s logo is a little blue bird. This image shows that Twitter is a friendly and connected platform, where people share information with each other.

Abstract Mark Logos

Abstract mark logos are those that do not depict a real or tangible object but represent an idea artistically. These designs are often unique and creative.



The Nike logo is bent to one side, symbolizing movement and speed. This abstract design conveys the energy and dynamism of the brand.


The Adidas logo is also an abstract design, with teenage stripes on top of each other. This design perfectly reflects the unity, excellence, and performance of the brand.

Combination Mark Logos

Combination mark logos are logo designs that contain both word mark and pictorial mark elements. In this type of logo, the brand name is accompanied by some small symbol or image.



The McDonald’s logo is a combination mark logo that reads “McDonald’s” with a golden arch (M). This design represents both the brand name and its identity.

Burger King

The Burger King logo is also a combination mark logo consisting of a wordmark with an image of a burger. This design beautifully showcases the brand’s core products.

Emblem Mark Logos

Emblem mark logos are those that feature a symbol or image enclosed in a small shield, crest, or emblem. In this type of logo, the word mark or brand name is placed above the image.



The Starbucks logo is an emblem mark logo depicting a siren in a round shield. This design brings out the premium and traditional image of the brand.

Harley Davidson

The Harley Davidson logo is also an emblem mark logo with the brand name and an image of an eagle in a shield. This design beautifully expresses the strength and independence of the brand.

Brands often use an emblem mark logo to represent heritage, tradition, and authority. These designs are classic and formal, helping to give the brand a strong and reliable image.

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Logo design is a vital part of creating an identity in business. Each logo accurately presents its unique features, purpose, and identity.

In this post, we talked about different types of logo designs, every design has its purpose. Word mark logos and letter mark logos are easy to remember, pictorial mark logos create visual impact, abstract mark logos highlight creativity, combination mark logos are versatile, and emblem mark logos are traditional and authentic.

To optimize a logo design, it is important to keep in mind the brand identity, target audience, and industry trends. In addition, logo design is a continuous process of research and discovery, sketching and conceptualization, digital design, feedback and revision, and finalization and delivery.

This post will help you understand the dynamic and evolving world of logo design, so you can better represent your brand and connect with your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Logo design is very important for business, as it is an important part of brand identity and recognition. A good logo helps to remember the identity of the business.
Generally, word mark logos, letter mark logos, pictorial mark logos, abstract mark logos, combination mark logos, and symbol mark logos are used in logo design. Each design accurately reflects its purpose and brand personality.
Brand identity plays a huge role in logo design. It accurately communicates the brand's values, mission and vision. A logo designed in this way makes the brand identity strong and recognizable.
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